This is a over your neck and around your waist tie in the back piece for easy removal! These are intention beads but with the shells it’s recommended that we use these when (spiritually) working with them in direct reflection of your goals or for fashion over a cute swimsuit or dress! This set also has a specific pattern of “7” of each color of beads before transitioning into the next! 7 is a powerful healing vibration, that relates to Yemeya, the mother of the Oceans edge and when focusing on water healing, these are important to remember! If you find yourself attracted to this set, the ocean, the color, the vibration or the number “7”, let’s chat about your goals and prepare your custom set today! 😊👑

Even with specifics in this band, my intentions in general are always to support us Queens at whatever level we are! I’ve found that just in stating what my intentions, we can kind of see why people are drawn to which set. That said, your intentions are always stronger than mine so I would always suggest setting your own as we seal them, knowing I support your goals in oneness! Asè.

HHHeal Mee