Created to support activation during this New Moon located 2 degrees into Gemini. Gems how y’all feeling? Those on the cusp (cuspers), you? What transformative INNERgy this is💕 Gemini just went into our North Node as Cancers done x now we can really expect some big changes. Some unexpected, some expected but all to really help us walk into your greatness. Get ready to floooowww! Lots of releasing, growth, lots of abundance is here for you. This strand was created with activation! To help you charge into your passions, while being opened to seeing you in a light of one with us all. Relationships that are not in flow will fall, circumstances that are challenging for us, and that cause us to step out of ourselves, will be revealed. Just expect real activation. Heightened mental clarity x downloads🙏🏽✨The INNERgy infused into this strand is (wrote this prayer at 11:11p):May this strand help you walk into your greatness! May you feel prosperities! May you feel connected! May you feel loved! May you cheerfully give x openly receive! May you be compassionate! May you explore! May you be inspired to Live. To Love. To Laugh. & To Grow.I love you! 💕

Five Twenty-two