Blessings, Namaste and Asè!!

Welcome to Hana’s Healing House! Hana’s Healing House is not just a space where you can connect with healers and explore your own healing, we are movement dedicated to total wellness incorporating mind, body and soul into the mission of developing and reaching ones highest potential. HHH was founded and birthed in 2016 after dealing with infertility for almost a decade, when SOL Flowa was diagnosed with PCOS. “I remember feeling like I was helpless, and being told I had no options outside of what was given to me.. then I remember discovering who I am! What my power was and having no desire deeper than to share this with the world around me”, says SOL Flowa, who after almost 12 years of journeying, birthed her Sun, Sy'ree Ausar. Starting in Austin, Texas, and making her way back to California, her home state, she brought the medicine of many of her life’s lessons and shares it in a way that is clear, direct and honest to be a clear channel of light and wellness in our community. Sol Flowa is a psychic medium, and through the unlocking of the  channels of her divine wisdom, is honored to share spirit messages with the collective.

We offer a vast array of healing services, from mindfulness adornments waist beads, yoni steams/eggs/pearls, to spiritual guidance readings (tarot/oracle) to chakra balancing reiki infused with affirmations created by her support team members. We also offer herbs (yoni steam, teas, ailment aides), tinctures, CBD infused products. We host high vibrational curated Full Moon HHHealing events each month designed to bring us together in love, and truth as we learn, laugh, vibe and grow together as a community!

We Give Thanks & Welcome You HHHealing Tribe <3


Hana’s Healing House